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How to Get a Six Pack After 40 (Case Study)

First off, some awesome news: You already have abs. OK, they might be small, they might not be very strong... ...but you have them all the same. How do I know? Because for over 30 years, I thought it was impossible for me to have six-pack abs. (Call it genetics, bad luck or whatever) Well, I [...]

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Is White Rice Bad For You? (I’m Eating 22lbs in 33 Days to Find Out)

Let's be honest. White rice gets a really bad rap. OK, that's hardly surprising when you take a look at what it contains: • Arsenic (a Group 1 carcinogen) and phytates (anti-nutrients) What it doesn't contain: • Fiber or "any real nutritional value" Let alone what effect it has on your body: • "Unhealthy spikes in blood sugar" Even worse: • It's [...]

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