How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Course

OK, Let's Skip the BS...

I'm guessing that your motivation
to be in shape is the same as mine:

  • To be more awesome at 40 than you were at 20, and better still at 50 and beyond
  • To be there for your kids and give the grandchildren a run for their money someday
  • To look good naked and be strong like bull

But there's a problem...

Mother nature.  Hit your 30s, and:

  • Testosterone levels start to slide by around 1% per year
  • Strength begins to slip away at a similar rate
  • Muscle mass drops
  • Weight creeps up

And the worst part?

It all happens so slowly that you won't even notice.

It's unfair, it's evil and it's inevitable...

Unless you do something about it!

Well, the How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Course is that something.

It’s the blueprint for how I got in the best shape of my life at a time when we’re supposed to be getting “past it” or “over the hill”.

It’s how I went from weak and skinny-fat in my early 30s…

To this at the age of 45...

And I'm Nothing Special!

Really – just check this out.

By applying the principles in the How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Course:

Simon was able to come back from a horrifying accident…

…amaze his doctor, and be deadlifting PR-weights almost before he knew it.*

All achieved in his 50s!

Or how about Ben?

  • Previously sedentary, he was able to lose 35lbs, get stronger than he’d ever been…

    …and be able to hold his own in Alaska with some legends of the sporting world.*

    Here he is launching down a steep face after being dropped off by helicopter. How awesome is that?

    (And, in case you’re wondering, Ben is in his 50s, too)

These guys aren't special, either!

They simply got started, took small steps and experienced both profound strength increase and impressive fat loss.

All at an age that most folks think means inevitable decline.

Well, “most folks” are dead wrong.

It's worked for me, it's worked for those guys and... will work for you too!

After all, it's been... 

Designed by YOU, for YOU!

How come?

Because the Superfitdads readers told us their biggest challenges to getting in shape.

  • Don't have time
  • Don't know where to start
  • Find it hard to get motivated

Well, the How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Course has been designed to tackle those head on.

It contains:

The How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof book

This is packed with 140 pages of essential content they don’t teach in training courses costing over $5,000.

(Seriously, it contains way more useful information than the big-bucks, 3-month personal trainer certification I passed)

But there’s a problem with books…

…they tend to get read but not applied consistently.

Now, I’m not pointing fingers here because I fall into the same trap time and again.

So, to make sure that doesn’t happen, you’ll also be enrolled in…

The 28-day e-mail course

This course drip feeds the key information in a laser-targeted and easily actionable way each day.

There’s no information dump.

No overwhelm.

No fluff.

Just two or three simple action points each day.

These cover everything you need to know about weight loss, movement, exercise and training – the whole shebang.

They’re simple yet devastatingly effective.

And each has been carefully selected and delivered so that they turbocharge everything that’s come before.

End result?

Over those 28 days, you’ll make a ton of progress without even realizing.

That’s the best kind of progress, right?

But there’s more!

After all, we need interaction to skyrocket motivation and boost accountability.

So, we’re including…

Membership to How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Group

This is a closed Facebook group (which means all posts are private and won’t appear on your timeline or your friends’ news feeds).

It’s open only to course members and is the place to be both inspired and an inspiration.

To ask questions (I'm spending a lot of time on there)

To get access to exclusive content and insider information not available anywhere else

To build a community of like-minded guys who want more for themselves and their families

And the best part?

Lifetime membership is included when you buy the course.

(Keep in mind that some folks charge upwards of $25 per month for access to this kind of group alone)

Now at this point, you might be wondering:

“OK, it’s worked for a whole bunch of other folks but…”


"Will it work for ME?"

Ultimately, that’s what it all boils down to, right?

Well first off, this course is about mastering basic principles that work universally.

It’s got nothing to do with those silly and ineffective “fat-blasting workouts” or miracle South American “superfoods”.

There are no tricks, no gimmicks, and none of that “hacking your biology” stuff.

And here’s the reality:

Everyone who got awesome results achieved them because they followed the principles in the
How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Course

Whether they realized it or not!

The principles that allowed me to get in the best shape of my life...

(Here’s how I looked back in 2015)

Abs in hiding

...are also working like gangbusters for course members like Bill R., Jason L. and many more.

And the best part?

They'll work for you, too :)

Ultimately, it's all about sustainable results.

You are you, and the best approach is the one that YOU can stick to.

Finding and owning that approach is what the How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Course is all about.

And remember – weight loss is only one part of it.

At closer to 50 than 40, I can squat 365 lbs and do chin ups with 135 lbs chained around my waist.

If you’d told me that when I was in my 20s/30s, I’d have said you were crazy!

(True story: during my personal trainer certification back in 2007, I wasn’t even capable of squatting 135 lbs)

How did I achieve all this?

By consistently following the basic principles detailed in the course.

So, here's the bottom line...

The How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Course will work for everyone.

Whether you’re 175 lbs or 375 lbs, a former athlete or a couch potato.

No matter how old you are, how much free time you have or what setbacks you might have experienced in the past.

It’s safe, proven and effective.

Listen, I’m so confident that I’m providing a cast-iron money-back guarantee.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, just contact me within 60 days of purchase, and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

Just as important, I’m committed to making this a life-changing experience without turning your life upside down.

And I’ll be with you every step of the way :)

So, let’s get stated!

Tim "Coach" Blake

How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Course

That works out to just $1.68 per day!

(In reality, this course will actually SAVE you many times that)


• The How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof book (instant download)

• The full 28-day e-mail course

• LIFETIME ACCESS to the exclusive How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof closed Facebook group

• 60-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee

What people are saying about
How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof

Incredibly simple and effective plan that works as promised

I had been sedentary for the past six months and lost most of my previous muscle mass and tone.

Worse, I was in pain and walked like an old man.

After only twelve weeks of following Tim's plan, I've regained almost all the strength and muscle I'd lost.

As a middle aged man, both my wife and I are thrilled to see my body return to its previous fighting form.

Best of all, I have no pain whatsoever and spring up the steps (or any other obstacle) like I could twenty years ago.

Thank you, Tim, for helping me reclaim my youthful body and get into the best shape of my life!*

R. Jenner

Takes the complexity out of getting in shape

The author does a phenomenal job of taking the complexity out of nutrition and fitness.

I implemented one of his recommendations and have seen amazing results.

I wanted to gain 5 lbs of muscle so I used an app that he tells you to use to understand nutrition.

It worked!!*

M. Dull

Down 4 inches in the waist on this incredibly practical plan!!

As a father of 4 young children and in my 40s, I needed to get into better shape.

But I also didn't want to spend hours every week in the gym at the expense of my kids and my wife.

Plus, I wanted to eat foods I love. And Tim has nailed it…

I can eat carbs, proteins, fats... HECK, I've even been able to factor in a beer or two.

The results: I've gone from a 36 inch pants to a 32 that require a belt to wear.

I would highly recommend Tim's program to any Dad looking to get back into shape.*

W. Ravenscraft

A great way to start and a valuable tool

I have always been skeptical about quick weight-loss methods.

But when one of my family members told me that I was doing damage to myself by being overweight, I decided that something had to be done.

I was able to lose 37.5lbs (17kg) and get down to 186 lbs and change my life around.

I was also able to get strong- going from being able to bench press sets of 85 lbs to doing 165 lbs (and counting.)

I never thought the method was difficult, but rather that it was enjoyable.*

Matt N.

Become lean, strong and bulletproof

Tim's advice is simple: it doesn't need to be hard, and anyone can do it.

He covers the way to establish a sound motivation, and then explains how to create a simple plan so that it forms parts of your regular week.

Nothing crazy, nothing hardcore, just slow, simple steps that really work.

It's a well-written (and, at times, humorous) guide that teaches you to slowly shift just a few small things in your life and build on your progress week by week.

By then, you're well on your way to becoming strong, lean and bulletproof.

Highly recommended.*

M. Davenport

I have only positive things to say

Tim manages to make the minefield of what does and doesn't constitute a healthy diet seem clear and even more flexible than I had previously thought.

The same with the exercises and training programs he introduces.

If all that wasn't enough, he does it all with a wit and self-effacing charm rarely seen in the fitness and exercise genre.*

B. Neale

* Results may vary depending on the individual and how closely they follow the program

How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Course

That works out to just $1.68 per day!

(In reality, this course will actually SAVE you many times that)


• The How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof book (instant download)

• The full 28-day e-mail course

• LIFETIME ACCESS to the exclusive How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof closed Facebook group

• 60-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee

60 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

(In fact, if you don't get many times more value than the cost of the course, I insist that you ask for a refund)


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The information in this course is presented for educational purposes only. 

It is based on the personal experience of the author and does not constitute medical advice.

Always consult your physician before making any changes to your lifestyle, diet or exercise habits.

* Results may vary depending on the individual and how closely they follow the program.