Be More Awesome Than you Were in Your 20s...

...Without Obsessing About Food or Living in the Gym

Look great with a lean, flat midsection

Say goodbye to the belly fat and the love handles

Feel awesome with energy to burn

Play sports with your kids (and give the grandchildren a run for their money someday)

Be Superfitdad Strong

Real, practical strength that makes everyday life so much easier and more FUN

This is what it’s all about...

Jason Lost more than 120 pounds - Awesome!

( Old 54” pants for scale )

It breaks my heart when I get an email like this…

I hear you and I totally understand.
In many ways, getting older just plain sucks.

And we don’t even need to do anything WRONG for bad things to start happening to us…

Hit 30 or so, and testosterone levels start to slide by around 10% per decade. Strength begins to head south at a similar rate. Muscle mass drops and weight creeps up.

Even worse

We guys tend to store excess weight as ugly belly fat…
…which is REALLY bad news.

According to Harvard Medical School:
This can damage internal organs and cause major problems with blood sugar, insulin and cholesterol. And that’s not all.

Increased levels of body fat lead to greater production of female hormones.

Not something any red-blooded male wants to happen, right?

Then there are the inflammatory compounds that fat releases which can damage arteries and…

“OK, Tim – I get the point!”

But how about strength loss?

Well, put it this way: Imagine that everything in the world doubled in weight, RIGHT NOW. (Yep, that includes your own bodyweight) Suddenly, everyday life became a whole lot harder, right?

Even things like getting up from a chair or carrying groceries is now a major task. Well, that’s what it’s like to be 80-years old, having only half the strength you did in your prime. Just stop for a moment and imagine how that would feel. And I really hate to tell you this…

But if you’re already in your 30s or beyond, that slide towards weakness and frailty has already begun. And the worst part?
It’s happening so slowly that you won’t even notice.

It’s unfair, it’s evil, and it’s inevitable…

…unless you do something about it.

Especially if you want to:

  • Be there for your kids
  • Get more fun out of life
  • And maybe give the grandchildren a run for their money someday

But here’s the great news.

With the right strategy, you don’t just slow the rate of decline…

…you can get leaner and stronger than you’ve ever believed possible.

Whether you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond. Regardless of whatever setbacks or disappointments you might have had in the past. Whether you used to be an athlete back in the day, or you’ve been sedentary your entire life.

How do I know?

Because I’ve experienced it firsthand.

Yep, at 44-years old, I was over 240 pounds, with a worrying amount of belly fat. (So much that I didn’t show up for my physical that year – ignorance is bliss, right?)

And I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

But 3 months before my 45th birthday, it was long gone…

I’m talking down over 60 lbs, and feeling awesome with energy levels off the chart

All thanks to a sustainable approach that delivered consistent results.
And in case you’re wondering, I’m nothing special.

Just ask these guys:

Jay, Singapore

OK, I’ll admit it – I was skeptical.

Make that very skeptical.

My life is incredibly busy, I don’t want to give up foods I enjoy or spend hours in the gym.

With this program, I don’t have to
(↓ 7 kg/15 lbs, on target for a six pack by 50)

Alan, Spain

I have achieved this progress with only ONE weekly gym session since January this year.

It simply doesn’t feel like dieting — following Tim’s guidelines, I am now eating approx. 30% less calories than I used to before starting the program.

I have been frankly blown away by the effectiveness of Tim’s approach and couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Peter, USA

I can’t believe the transformation!

Your simple program and design for living has changed my life.

I cannot thank you enough
(↓51 lbs, leaner and stronger than he’s been in 30 years)

OK, I know what you’re thinking:

“Sure, that’s easy if you’re happy to be a gym rat, eating steamed chicken breast and broccoli 3x/day for the rest of your life.

But I’m busy. I’ve got other priorities. I’ve got a family. I enjoy food. And, heck, I want to have a life!”

Well, I feel exactly the same way. Which is precisely why this approach is so effective for guys like us.

How come? Because it’s about mastering the SIMPLE, key principles that work universally.

Which means that it’s got nothing to do with those silly and ineffecive “fat-blasting workouts” or South American “superfoods”

There are no tricks, no gimmicks, and none of that “hacking your biology” stuff. (I used to be an engineer and I have ZERO tolerance for exaggeration and BS)

So here’s the deal:

Every person who ever got in shape managed to do so because they followed the principles in this course…

…whether they realized it or not!

Ultimately, getting sustainable results comes down to finding the approach that best works for you as an individual.

Which is why it’s been designed so that:

You fit the course around your life

So even the busiest dads can get started right away.

You get to eat food you actually enjoy

Who wants a long list of “must avoid” foods that sucks the pleasure out of everyday life?

You decide when and how frequently you eat

So you’re not restricted by rules like “you must skip breakfast” or “you mustn’t eat carbs after 6pm”.

You can do whatever activity you enjoy

What you enjoy, you stick to. Some guys on the course run, others lift weights, some swim, some walk – the choice is yours.

You don’t need any previous experience with weight loss or exercise

There’s no jargon or assumption of prior knowledge – the course is both easy to understand and put into action.

You don’t need to join a gym

A real bonus if you’re busy, spend a lot of time on the road, or simply don’t like the gym vibe.

There’s no information dump or overwhelm

Heck, at the start, you might even find it too easy (that’s by design so you build unstoppable momentum almost effortlessly).

It works way beyond the standard 12 weeks or 90 days of most programs

So you’re not left wondering “OK, what should I do now..?” a little further down the track.

You not only lose the weight, you keep it off, too

That’s something over 80% of folks who lose weight fail to do (and most programs fail to mention).

Even better:

You get to do all this while still being able to enjoy a cheeseburger and a beer or two!

So forget about:

  • Having to become a bodybuilder, a powerlifter or a gym rat
  • Choking down foods you can’t stand (and never being able to touch pizza or ice cream again)
  • Being too old, too out of shape or too inexperienced to get started
  • Taking fistfuls of expensive (but useless) supplements
  • Getting tired, burned out and injured
  • Turning your life upside down
  • Wasting money on “forgotten in the closet” fitness equipment and gadgets
  • The nonsense those 6-pack gurus talk about hormones in milk, soy, and “foods that kill testosterone”


This is about getting the maximum results from the minimum effort. All done in a way that’s safe, enjoyable and sustainable.

Which means we then have plenty of time for important stuff like our families and getting more fun out of life. As these guys found…

So, not only do aches and pains (including bad backs and creaky knees) tend to fade away when you drop a few pounds and get stronger…

…you sleep better, you have more energy, and you start thinking of yourself in a whole new way.


Like Ben.

He was sliding towards his 50s with an unhealthy lifestyle, weighing over 230 lbs. He’s now 37 lbs lighter, stronger than he was in his 20s, and goes snowboarding with some of the biggest names in the extreme-sports world.

(I’d LOVE to be able to show you who these folks are) Getting in shape has literally allowed him to experience a whole different life.

Or how about Jason?

Not only is he better able to keep up with his daughter now he’s lost more than 120 pounds…

…he’s also setting her a life-changing example of what small, consistent steps of progress can achieve.

All the guys on the course have incredible stories of how getting in shape changed their lives for the better. Often in ways that they hadn’t imagined.

Bill ran his first marathon (something he’d NEVER believed possible), raising money for clean drinking water projects in Africa.

Peter got leaner than he was on his wedding day (back in the 80s!), stronger than he’s ever been, and became the role model for his kids that he wanted to be.

Alan managed to get in the best shape of his life while moving his family to a different continent, starting a new business, and exercising only one time per week!

Or how about Andrew?

As he says:

“I’ve lost 23 pounds and now weigh the same as I did on my wedding day. I’ve added 145 lbs to my squat, 105 lbs to my deadlift, and 80 lbs to my bench press. The way bigger gains have been keeping up with my kids, healing old aches and pains and fitting into clothes that I have not been able to in many years.”

And let’s not overlook the massive boost in self-confidence you get from taking on a challenge that you’re not quite sure you’re up to…

…and then smashing it out of the park.

Plus you get to look awesome in the process! And it’s totally achievable. Like Jason says:

“Before I started, I would have thought it was hard or impossible. Especially being someone who grew up in modern food gluttony and no family history of knowing how to exercise. But once I got started, it was honestly pretty easy.”

Keep in mind that Jason is talking about losing more than 120 POUNDS!


Oh, and let’s not forget the dollars and cents…
A study by The George Washington University calculated that being obese (as I was at 44) costs a man $2,646 per year. And when adjusted for reduced life expectancy, that cost soars to an eye-watering $6,518 per year.

So, over the next decade, being in shape will save Jason literally tens of thousands of dollars. All by making a simple decision to get started and then letting small, consistent steps of progress add up.


But here’s probably the most powerful thing…
You develop a whole different perspective on aging. Why? Because instead of it meaning inevitable decline, you’re actually IMPROVING with each passing year. “If I’m getting this strong at 47, imagine how awesome I’ll be at 50! And then at 55!”

The future becomes a place of growth and exciting possibilities. Golf scores come down, tennis serves have more power, an all-day hike with the children (or grandchildren) feels like a walk in the park. And it gets even better! A groundbreaking study in the British Medical Journal followed close to 9000 men from 20 – 80 years old for nearly two decades.

The conclusion?

“Muscular strength is inversely and independently associated with death from all causes and cancer in men, even after adjusting for cardiorespiratory fitness and other potential confounders”

Translation: Stronger people are harder to break

Which is just awesome news for us, our families and the people we care about. So, when it comes to getting in shape, you’ve got everything to gain. Physically, financially, emotionally.

Not only do you feel better about yourself today,
you’re also bulletproofing yourself for the future.

Which means you get to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

  • The best father
  • The best husband
  • The best possible version of yourself

Imagine feeling incredible, full of energy and being able to take on any task with a feeling of total confidence. That’s what we’re talking about.

And as for having a lean, strong midsection that makes 20-something guys (and their girlfriends) double take?

Well, just think of that as a bonus.

So, I’m proud to present…

The How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Course

The program that you can fit into your life, no matter how busy you are or how little free time you have. Whether you’re a member of a gym or have no access to any equipment whatsoever. Whether you used to be an athlete or you’ve never exercised in your life.

  • It’s safe
  • It’s proven
  • It’s effective

Like course member Bill says:

If you want a complex exercise program that leaves you sore and starving, move on. But if you want a practical fitness program that fits into real life and gets sustainable results, this is for you

And because the course is an instant download, it’s super-easy to get started and begin putting into action right now.

You’ll receive

The 140-page ebook

This covers everything you need to know about nutrition, exercise, training, and more.

It’s packed with essential content they don’t teach in training courses costing over $5,000. (Seriously, it contains 10x more useful information than the big-bucks, 3-month personal trainer certification I passed back in 2007)

But don’t worry, this isn’t some boring, stuffy textbook – it’s easy to read, understand and apply. It also includes:

Instructional HD videos

These cover exercises with bodyweight, bands, dumbells, kettlebells, barbells, and more

HD videos of example workouts

And to make it even easier to put the book into action, you’ll also be enrolled in…

The 28-day email course

This drip feeds the key information from the book in a laser-targeted and easily actionable way each day. There’s no information dump, no overwhelm, no fluff. Everything you need to know about weight loss, movement, exercise and training is covered in two or three simple action points each day. Each one is carefully selected and timed so that it turbocharges the ones that have come before.

End result? Over those 28 days, you’ll make a ton of progress without even realizing. Just to be clear, the program itself ISN’T only 4 weeks long. So think of the 28-day email course as your launchpad. And that’s why we’re including LIFETIME membership to the…

How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof Facebook Group

This is a closed Facebook group (which means all posts are private and won’t appear on your timeline or your friends’ news feeds).

It’s available only to course members and contains hundreds of posts with exclusive insider tips covering food, recipes, training, motivation, and much more. (Seriously, the group is a treasure trove of valuable information)

It’s also where I provide you with ongoing support.

From questions about food, exercise and equipment to form-check videos:

Being part of this exclusive community will simply skyrocket your progress. And remember – lifetime membership is included with the course. (Keep in mind that some folks charge upwards of $37 per month just for access to a group like this – with ZERO input from a coach)

Well, that’s not how I roll.

The group is where I get to serve you the content that you want. But don’t just take my word for it…

Oh, and don’t forget the BONUSES…

Unlike the “crap stack” bonuses most courses cobble together, I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating these exclusive guides. Honestly, the information they contain is easily worth many times the price of the course. And I’m stoked to share them with you.

1. HOW TO MASTER THE CHIN-UP — Confession: I know what it’s like to struggle with chin-ups… This awesome 34-page, step-by-step guide takes you all the way from performing your very first chin-up to doing sets of 5 reps, weighted. It details the exact strategy I used to go from two bodyweight chin-ups to two chin-ups with 135 pounds chained around my waist. Plus there’s an exclusive video tutorial packed with super-effective tips that will take your chin-up performance to the next level!

2. DEADLIFT SET-UP GUIDE — The deadlift is the best exercise out there for building a back of steel that will last you a lifetime. But there’s a problem: most personal trainers don’t know how to coach (or even perform) it safely and correctly. Now, where deadlifts are concerned, the set up is the most important part. And that’s where this 19-page guide comes in. The exclusive videos and easy-to-understand explanation walk you through everything you need to know to get you deadlifting like a champ in no time.

3. QUICK & EASY EATS EBOOK — Now, I just love eating… but I don’t want to spend
hours in the kitchen. That’s where these awesomely simple and delicious high-protein, low-calorie recipes
come in. These are the go-to meals (covering breakfast, lunch/dinner and dessert) that I ate while dropping over 60 pounds. And get this: even though I’m now at my goal weight, I still eat these things all the time! They really are that good.


Try the Course for a Full 60-Days, 100% Risk-Free Yep, try the entire course

And if you don’t LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. Heck, I’ll even cover the credit card processing fees. (Plus you get to keep the course materials)

Get Started Now for Just $147

Get Instant Access



Jason, USA

I grew up fat.

Heavy as a kid, teenager, and adult.

By 2016 I had grown well past 320 pounds.

For the first time in my life, I recently had someone tell me “it must be nice having genetics on your side”.

I almost died with laughter :)

(↓125 lbsold 54″ waist pants for scale)



Peter, USA

I can’t believe the transformation!

Your simple program and design for living has changed my life.

I cannot thank you enough.

(↓51 lbs, leaner and stronger than he’s been in 30 years)



Alan, Spain

I have achieved this progress with only ONE weekly gym session since January this year.

It simply doesn’t feel like dieting — following Tim’s guidelines, I am now eating approx. 30% less calories than I used to before starting the program.

I have been frankly blown away by the effectiveness of Tim’s approach and couldn’t be more grateful for it.



Ben, Japan

The best part?

Funnily enough, it’s not losing weight or becoming stronger and more flexible in my 50s than I’ve ever been…

It’s being able to keep up with riders decades younger than me and hit the backcountry with some of the biggest names in extreme sports.

Old guys rock!

(↓ 14 kg/31 lbs, squat ↑ 140 lbs, energy levels off the chart)



Andrew, Canada

I regularly weigh the same as my wedding day.

The way bigger gains have been keeping up with my kids, healing old aches and pains, and fitting into clothes that I have not been able to in many years.

Tim has been a huge asset for me – he is great at getting your mindset straight

No hype or BS, just straightforward methods that work.

(↓23 lbs, bench press ↑80 lbs)

Bill, USA

I couldn’t recommend Superfitdads enough.

If you’re on the fence about this, what’s holding you back?

Afraid you’ll fail? You’ll fail for sure if you do nothing.

If you want a complex exercise program that will leave you sore and starving, move on.

But if you want a practical fitness program that fits into real life and gets sustainable results, this is for you.

(↓ 20 lbs, then completed his first marathon )



Jay, Singapore

OK, I’ll admit it – I was skeptical.

Make that VERY skeptical.

My life is incredibly busy, I don’t want to give up foods I enjoy or spend hours in the gym.

With this program, I don’t have to.

(↓ 7 kg/15 lbs, on target for a six pack by 50)

The program includes

  • The 140-page ebook
  • HD instructional videos of the exercises
  • HD videos of sample workouts
  • The 28-day email course
  • Lifetime support from me on the closed Facebook group
  • Three awesome bonus guides that will turbocharge your weight loss and strength gain
  • Plus you’ll be grandfathered in to all future course updates FREE OF CHARGE

But the clock's ticking...


Because if you don’t take action today, taking it tomorrow is going to be that little bit harder. And the day after that, it’ll be harder again. So the sooner you get started, the better. A short while ago, all the guys on this page were where you are right now. And they’re now living life on their terms.

So, if you want to be looking at a very different man in the bathroom mirror in just a few short weeks…
If you want to have energy to burn…
If you want to feel more awesome than you did in your 20s…
If you want to start getting more fun out of life right now, while bulletproofing yourself for the future…

…come and join us. We’d love to have you on board.



The key thing is that everybody can start somewhere.

You then progressively improve on that somewhere at a rate that’s appropriate for
you as an individual.

“No pain, no gain” may work when you’re in your 20s, but we older guys need
something more sustainable.

Less time per week (in total) than it takes to watch a movie.

Guys have gotten awesome results working out less than one hour per week.

So, forget about spending hours everyday in the gym or being tied to a routine that
eats into your schedule.

This is about getting the maximum results from the minimum effort.


(Or a park, beach, hotel room or anywhere else)

The course has been designed to be both effective and flexible.

But if you do have a gym membership, you’ll find an incredibly effective training
program in the course.

(This allowed me to add over 200 pounds to my squat, and over 250 pounds to my
deadlift, in my 40s)

No problem!

Again, the key thing is that there is a place where you’re comfortable getting

We then progressively improve on wherever that place happens to be, at a pace
that’s sustainable for you.

Almost before you know it, you’ll have people asking 1. how you did it, and 2. can
you can help them.

As guys like Jason, Peter and Bill have all discovered :)

Even if you’ve been working out for months or years, the course can still help you
make huge strides.

Here’s the exception:

You’re already squatting and deadlifting 2-3 times per week AND are using weights
in the mid-to-high 200-lb range or above (approximately 110 – 125 kg +)
In which case, you’ll probably need a more personalized training program.

For more information, contact: tim (at mark) superfitdads (dot) com

Ultimately, the best rate of progress is the one that YOU can stick with.

Whether that’s pounds of weight loss per week or per month.

This isn’t one of those programs that takes the bull-rodeo approach to getting in

(Go as hard as you can from the get-go until the inevitable happens, and you get
bucked off)

We’re into long-term results, not short-term gratification.

This isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about keeping it off, too.

In theory, I guess you could…

…but you’d have to filter out 99% of the stuff you’d come across along the way.

All those programs promising tricks, “hacks” and shortcuts may talk a good game
but they never live up to expectations.

Which means you end up wasting valuable time and money on things that simply
won’t deliver.

The way I see it, I spent over a decade (and tens of thousands of dollars) learning
the hard way so that I can show you the easy way

Most programs have an “angle” that they try to beat you over the head with.

So they demonize certain foods or champion a method as being the “single best

Now, for some people it just might be but for many others, it won’t.
Put it this way:

I wouldn’t expect you to like the same music as me, so why the heck should I expect
you to eat exactly the same way I do, or enjoy doing exactly the same activities?

That would be crazy!

This program is all about getting your desired results in a safe, sustainable and
predictable way that works for you as an individual.

There’s more than one road to Rome and this course helps you to find your ideal

That way, you actually get to enjoy the journey.

OK, that’s not a question but I hear you.

If you’d prefer not to join the Facebook group, it isn’t mandatory and you’ll still get
massive value out of the course.

Feel free to email me: tim (at mark) superfitdads (dot) com