Hi, I’m Tim – the guy in the photographs above. I’m closer to 50 than 40 (how did that happen?) and I live in the mountains of northern Japan with my wife and two young sons. I’m not a bodybuilder, a powerlifter or a gym rat – I’m just a regular guy that gets dads like you in the best shape of their lives. 50 is the new 20!

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What Every Dad Needs To Know About Getting in Shape

At Super Fit Dads we don’t care how old you are, how old you feel, or what setbacks and disappointments you’ve had in the past. We don’t care if you’re an ex-athlete or a lifelong couch potato, if you’re 180 lbs or 380 lbs.

We do care that you just get started.

And there’s no better time than right now, today. Let’s forget about waiting for “the right time” to come along – it won’t get any more right than it is now.

So grab your free copy of Six Awesome Ways To Get Started Today, and start putting it into action.

That alone enabled dad John B to get to his lowest bodyweight in 20 years without dieting and while still eating foods he actually enjoys. Not only that, he managed to ace his annual health check this time around.

That’s a huge improvement to the year before when the results had made pretty grim reading and had John worried about the future. He now knows how simple and painless fat loss can be when you have the right tools and put them into action consistently.

Even better, he’s living proof that you can do all that while still being able to enjoy a beer or two!

Then there’s father of three, Paul S. – in his late 40s, Paul was desperately out of shape and getting breathless even climbing a flight of stairs. Fast forward six months, and Paul was wearing the jeans that he thought he’d never fit into again.

He also went from squatting 90 lbs to just over 285 lbs! Paul now hits the stairs three at a time, and goes snowboarding before work over 100 days per year.

In this awesome photograph, Paul had just grabbed the first tracks of the season after hiking halfway up the mountain at 5.30am!

Or how about Simon R, who became a first-time dad in his 50s? When he realized he’d be 70 years-old when his daughter graduates from high school, he knew that it was time to take action.

Strength training has transformed Simon and given his creaky old knees a new lease of life. Even better, he’s realized that age only means physical decline if we let it.

He’s gone from being “a total weakling” (his words) to pulling an easy 245-lb deadlift. Most guys in their 20s couldn’t do that, and it took Simon less than 3 months!

So what’s their secret?

Well, it isn’t an abundance of free time (they’re all beyond busy), or that they find things easy, or have some kind of genetic advantage. What sets these guys apart is they made a decision to change, then they got started and began building some serious momentum.

And once they did that, you know what happened? They all wished they’d started sooner!

But the really awesome thing is that these guys aren’t even old. There are folks old enough to be their fathers (or even grandfathers!) out there doing amazing things!

People like George Jedenoff, who is still skiing at the age of 96, and mountaineer Yuichiro Miura who climbed Everest at 80 years-old.

Now this doesn’t mean we’ve all got to become IronMan triathletes, powerlifters or marathon runners. For some folks, even taking that first 10-minute walk during their lunchbreak is a massive step forward and a huge win.

They’re just as much a Super Fit Dad as the guy lining up to do his first half marathon, hike a mountain, or deadlift 500 lbs. Everybody has to start somewhere, and getting started in the first place is way more important than wherever that happens to be.

So grab your free copy, take a little action, and let those small increments of progress accumulate to give something outstanding.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.


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