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The Ultimate Super Fit Dad?

If you’re a child of the 80s, you’ll recognize William Smith from TV classics like The A-Team, Knight Rider and Hunter.

Now on screen Bill was one intimidating dude, but in real life he was an even tougher customer than he looked.

Make no mistake, this guy is the real deal and in March 2015 he celebrated his 82nd birthday.

How many lifetimes would it take most of us to accomplish what he has?

Masters degree in Russian from UCLA

Training partner of the first Mr Olympia, Larry Scott

Flew secret missions with the US Air Force over Russia during the Korean War

Two-time arm-wrestling world champion (200-lb class)

Fluent in Russian, German, French and Serbo-Croatian

Competed as an amateur boxer (31-1 record)

Security cleared by the CIA and NSA

Competed in motocross with Steve McQueen

Studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and the University of Munich in Germany

US Air Force light-heavyweight weightlifting champion

Fought wildfires in California

Played Arnold’s dad in Conan the Barbarian

Competed as a downhill skier

Turned down the role of Tarzan

Worked as a lifeguard in France

Played semi-professional football

18¼” biceps

Performed over 5,100 continuous sit-ups over a five-hour period

Was turned down for the role of Caine in the 70s TV series Kung Fu because he looked too menacing

Direct descendent of Daniel Boone

Black belts in karate and kung-fu

Champion discus thrower

Perhaps best of all, check out how he totally outguns Clint Eastwood's Hollywood tough guy act in Any Which Way You Can.

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Did anyone else feel scared just watching that?

- Tim

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