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The Long Breath Diet

If you want to know how to stoke your metabolic furnace, Long Breath diet creator Ryosuke Miki is the man.

He’s a sensation here in Japan.

Now legend has it that Ryosuke had his epiphany while out walking one day.

Fast forward less than two months, and his waist size was down a whole four inches and he’d lost a whopping 29 lbs.

Impressive stuff.

Even better, this took him only one hour per month.

Beat that, Tim Ferriss.

So what did Ryosuke do to melt off body fat so fast - did he sleep on a George Foreman Grill?

No, he did “long breath”.

Here’s a translation of his product description that appears on Amazon Japan:

“Long Breath” is a deep breathing method that builds a beautiful and rebound-free body by increasing muscle mass and decreasing visceral fat through increasing basal metabolism.

But wait, there’s more…

By repeating for only 2 minutes per day you not only get a diet effect, you can also expect results like reduced back pain, as well as improved elimination and sensitivity to cold.

So, for any Inuits out there struggling through a winter of constipation and lumbago, this could be just the thing.

Now the basic premise of the Long Breath diet is the more muscle you pack onto your body, the more calories you burn.

Which sounds reasonable enough.

But there’s a problem - all the busy people in Tokyo and Osaka don’t have time to hit the gym hard two or three times per week.

So Ryosuke devised a way to build some serious calorie-burning muscle while breathing.

Not just any old breathing, this is Long Breath.

Check out the video (ignore the annoying YouTube ads).


So, clench your butt hard, breathe in to a 3-second count, and out to a 7.

These numbers appear to be critical, so smartphone apps are available to keep you in time.

But there are a couple of minor issues.

First off, breathing isn’t going to build much muscle, no matter how hard you clench your butt cheeks.

And, more surprisingly, it wouldn’t make much difference to your base metabolism even if it did.

How come? I mean, we’ve all heard how adding 1 lb of muscle to your body will burn an extra 50 Calories per day, right?

So, adding 10 lbs of muscle will turn you into a regular calorie-burning furnace.

The only problem is none of that's true.

OK, adding 1 lb of muscle mass will increase base metabolic rate.

But only by around 6 Calories per day - the equivalent of three Tic Tacs.


Which means Ryosuke must have made some massive muscle gains to jack up his base metabolism high enough to lose 29 lbs of fat in 50 days.

How massive? Figure on around 500 lbs.

In other words, more than double Schwarzenegger at his heaviest.

But keep in mind that Ryosuke Miki is more Japanese Maple than Austrian Oak.

So how did he really do it?

The same way everybody does, because there's only one way to lose body fat.

He created an energy deficit by controlling caloric intake and increasing energy expenditure through moving more.

Which means all the puffing and panting is simply a neat piece of packaging for just another energy-restricted diet.

He could change it to the “standing on one leg diet” and it would achieve pretty much the same thing.

But Ryosuke’s showing no sign of letting up.

He's now got a line of chewable protein supplements, so at least he's realized that protein is the key to weight loss.

Interestingly, each pack contains only 7 g of protein but a full-on 50 g of sugar.

Go figure.

Ryosuke also takes group “long breath” classes.

If you're interested, the special 3-month diet plan weighs in at $2,250 for 3 sessions per week.

The downside is you'll have to come all the way to Tokyo.


Taking the Miki

But perhaps here’s the worst part.

As idiotic as all this is, we’re probably just as guilty of believing in stuff that's equally nonsensical:

- Those 4-minute fat-blast workouts

- Carbs cause obesity (Really? So why aren’t Japanese people fat?)

- Bestselling authors promising that we’ll lose 20 lbs of body fat in 30 days

And while we're laughing at Ryosuke and his loyal band of Japanese nut huggers, they’re laughing at our morbid fear of wheat, soy and white rice.

Or whatever the current fad of choice is.

Let's be honest, there are plenty to chose from.

- Tim

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