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How Weight Creeps Up (and What to Do About It)

Look, I'm almost too embarrassed to admit it... ...but over the past few months, I've had first-hand experience of how weight creeps up. Yep, I'm looking at 15-20 pounds of weight gain since last summer. Now, this was very different to my insane weight-gain experiment back in 2014. (That's when I piled on 55 lbs in just over a year, then lost 61 lbs [...]

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Kiai Master Yanagi Ryuken vs an MMA Fighter: The $5000 Lesson

You have to feel sorry for Yanagi Ryuken... ...even though the kiai master had an incredible 200 – 0 record. That’s 200 fights with a grand total of zero losses. Let's put that into perspective: Floyd Mayweather (one of the greatest boxers of all time) retired in 2015 with a mere 49-0 record over a 19-year career. So [...]

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Sleep: Is it Really the Key to Easy Weight Loss?

I can't help cringing a little when I read stuff like this: "Sleep more, and body fat will simply melt off!" "Sleep is the most important thing for weight loss!" You've just got to love the Internet, right? Now, don't get me wrong - I like sleeping just as much as the next person. (Especially if the [...]

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Forget James Bond: Here’s How to Protect Yourself Out in the Real World

This is a guest post by Mark E. Hurling, a devoted father and husband with over four decades in law enforcement and security. Knowing how to protect your family and avoid becoming a victim of violent crime is something we all think about. Fortunately for us, Mark has condensed 43 years of experience into these practical and effective personal safety tips. This [...]

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How to Make Awesome New Habits (Without Driving Yourself Nuts)

OK, if you read the article about the habit loop (check it out here), you'll know that making awesome new habits really isn't so hard. After all, we're only talking about three words and three arrows, right? Sure, that sounds almost too simple but here's what it boils down to. So, first off there's some kind of cue, for [...]

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Fat Loss: Why Your Best Friend Might Be Your Biggest Enemy

It all started with a friend’s Facebook post. One casual reference to losing a few pounds and - BOOM - the comments began to pour in: “You should fast two days each week - it’s AMAZING!” “Cutting out all carbs and eating nuts, salmon and avocado REALLY works!” “Intermittent fasting is the BEST way to lose fat!” [...]

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