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Stack Your “WHY” to Skyrocket Your Results

You want awesome results, fast.

(You do, right?)

Whether that means:

Losing weight

• Building a global business empire

Deadlifting 405 lbs

• Getting ready for your first marathon

Or pretty much anything else...

But for most folks, what usually happens is something like this:

Three steps forward

(Hey, we're cranking!)

One step back

(Life gets in the way)

One step forward

(Life eased off a tad)

Two steps back

(Life threw a curveball)

End result?

After all that time and effort, we're not much further forward than when we started...

And it just plain sucks, right?

But here's the good news:

If you stack the "why", you'll take those curveballs and smash them out of the park.

Here's how...

The Power of "Why?"

OK, let's imagine two buddies that want to get in the best shape of their lives.

David is 15 lbs overweight, and he'd like to look incredible on his summer vacation.

Think Daniel Craig emerging from the sea in Casino Royale.

Ken, on the other hand, is 50 lbs overweight, and he's thinking along different lines.

He wants to:

• Have more fun with his kids (they're only 6 and 8, while he's pushing 50)

• Ace his next physical (the doc warned him about his high blood pressure and cholesterol last time)

• Run a charity half marathon (the clinic where his wife works is desperate for funding)  

• Have a strong back that's pain-free (he's found that deadlifts work like medicine)

• Squeeze into the 34" waist board shorts that he hasn't worn in over a decade (a $500 bet with a buddy)

• Look incredible on his summer vacation

And right now it's mid-winter...

Both are rugged up against the cold, and the idea of beaches and mojitos seems kind of absurd.

And guess what happens when they head out to a steakhouse?

David really goes for it.

He demolishes the free side dishes, then has a huge steak with a baked potato filled with all kinds of high-calorie goodies.

Not to mention three beers to wash it all down.

And a big dessert.

His take?

Hey, it's winter! I only need to lose 15lbs - there's plenty of time for that to come off. What's the big deal?

But Ken takes a slightly different approach:

• He passes on the free sides (he read that they can actually exceed the calories of the meal they accompany),

• He has a big steak with a baked potato and a large salad with no dressing,

• He pegs it at one beer (after all, the second one never tastes as good as the first, right?),

• He skips dessert because he ate slowly and felt full

His take?

Radical change comes from time-spaced repetition of little things that make a difference

(He heard that in a Donny Epstein interview, and something just clicked)

And guess what happens when summer vacation rolls round?

Well, Ken lost 53 lbs (a few more than originally intended) and is in the best shape of his life...

He won the bet, ran the half marathon, his blood test results were even better than his doc's, his back has never felt better, and he now goes mountain biking with his kids at at the weekend.


And David?

He's still 15 lbs overweight (he dropped a couple of pounds in spring but put it all back on), he's beginning to think he has "a broken metabolism", and - oh, well - there's always next year...

(He's been saying that for longer than he can remember)

So, why did Ken succeed while David didn't?

Simply because he stacked his "whys" and built a fricking icebreaker that smashed through every potential setback that tried to get in his way.

And David?

His "why" (look cool on summer vacation) was more like an inflatable beach toy.

While it was enough to keep him above water, the best he could do was drift with the current.

And here's what that means for you and me...

Why = Leverage

OK, at one end of a seesaw we have a case of beer, at the other a pair of Speedos.

No surprise which is going to win out, right?

That's just what happens when your "why" has about the same weight as a few square inches of Lycra...

But this is about way more than just alcohol.

Listen, the reality is that setbacks, challenges and disappointments are an inevitable part of life.

And boy, do those things weigh heavy on the end of the seesaw.

But if we stack enough "whys", they act like Thor's hammer in The Avengers.

Nothing on Earth is strong enough to overcome them

Not beer, not pizza, not your well-intentioned buddies telling you to "lighten up and have another".


And here's how we do it:

  • Come up with as many reasons as you can for achieving a goal (both positives that you'll gain and negatives that you'll avoid)
  • Really associate some powerful emotions to those reasons to make them compelling (the stronger, the better)
  • Write them down and carry them around with you
  • Review them at least one time per day until they're embedded in your mind

Sounds almost too simple, right?

In fact, it's so simple that it's probably not even worth bothering...

(That's what David's been telling himself since, well, forever and that's why he's still no further forward)

But the Kens of this world know how powerful this stuff really is.

So, if you're really serious about getting results rather than wanting results (they're not the same thing), it's time to get busy.

And guess what?

Once you get started, it's actually a ton of fun.

So, grab a pen and some paper, stack your whys, and start building yourself an icebreaker.

It'll change your life beyond all recognition.

I promise :)

– Tim

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