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A Quick & Easy Way to Keep Weight Off

Between 16th January and 26th August last year, I dropped a whopping 63 lbs.

Ending up at a super-lean 179½ lbs.

And this morning (exactly one year to the day later), I jumped on the scales...

...and weighed in at a hair under 178 lbs.

Now, I'm not tooting my own horn here because this is way more important than just me.


Because studies show that only around 1 person in 5 is able to maintain their weight loss for a full year.

That just blows me away.

So, if you've lost a bunch of weight - that's awesome!

But the reality is that losing weight is less than half the battle...

Fortunately, there's a quick and easy way for keeping it off that works like a charm.

Hell, I'd say that my success in keeping my weight under control was almost exclusively down to this.

So here it is:

Weigh Yourself Every Day

I know, I know...

It doesn't sound sexy and cutting edge the same way a "secret South American superfood" or "magic fat-blasting workout" do.

But it works like gangbusters all the same.

That's why I wake up, use the bathroom then weigh myself buck naked every morning.

Without fail.

It doesn't matter if it's mid-winter and below freezing, it's always the same deal.

Then I do something just as important:

Record the Result

Listen, I used to be an engineer so as far as I'm concerned, if a result isn't recorded, it never happened.

And I don't use anything fancy, just the plain-Jane Health app that comes standard with iOS 8.

(Open the Health app, then select Health Data > Body Measurements > Weight > Add Data Point)

And here's what my year's worth of data looks like...

Year of weight loss

(BTW, "27 Heisei" and "28 Heisei" is just the Japanese way of saying "2015" and "2016", respectively)

OK, I know what you're thinking:

"Dude, that's BS - you put on a whole bunch of weight in the meantime!"

But here's the deal.

I just love eating and it gets really cold here.

I mean, we get around 50 feet of snow each season!

Who the hell wants to be single-digit bodyfat under those conditions?

Not me!

So, I set myself a target of not being heavier than 86kg (190lbs) over winter.

Did I keep to that? Erm, not exactly...

(What can I say, I'm human!)

It actually nudged above that target on only 14 days over 5 months.

Then when spring came, appetite went ↓, activity levels went ↑, and that winter coat came off pretty much effortlessly.

So, as far as I'm concerned, daily weighing is the absolute bomb for keeping weight off.

And here's why I think it works so well.

You Put on How Much in 23 Hours!??

Now, the first thing that daily weighing does is...

Create Awareness & Accountability

Knowing that you'll be weighing in again tomorrow morning helps to:

1. Keep weight control at the front of your mind, and

2. Make you accountable (even if only to yourself)

OK, that may sound pretty weaksauce but it's actually very powerful.

As anyone that's counted calories while trying to maintain their normal food intake will tell you...

It's really fricking hard! 

Not the measuring part, simply the fact that eating stuff you know you "shouldn't" is pretty damn difficult when you'll also be recording it.

It's almost like "if I record it, that means it actually happened, and then I'll feel guilty"

Well, daily weighing works pretty much the same way.

Think of it as a bit like the speedometer in your car.

You glance at it every few minutes to make sure that you're not doing anything too outrageous.

And if you are, you simply ease off the gas a little.

But there's more...

Daily weighing will also make you realize how much your weight can go up or down in a really short space of time.

What's the cause of that?

Well, rapid weight loss or gain is almost always down to nothing more than changes in body water levels.

The reality is that it's pretty much impossible to lose or gain pounds of fat in only a matter of days.

Hey, just look at this example from December 2015...

Why did this happen?

Well, I'm almost certain that it was because I ate a massive (and delicious) Chinese feast loaded with salt and soy sauce the night before.

It was just awesome!

And the upshot is that changes in water levels can easily mask fat loss or make fat gain seem worse than it is.

So here's the bottom line:

Daily weighing is a great way of seeing those spikes or troughs in context and keeping yourself on target.

It really is that powerful.

Keeping Weight Off: What You Need to Know

Like we said earlier, around 80% of folks that lose weight don't manage to keep that weight off a year down the track.

After putting in so much effort, that's just crushing.

But instead of merely hoping that weight doesn't creep back on, daily weighing puts us in the driver's seat.

It's a really easy habit to get into, it takes almost no time to do, and it gives a reward far in excess of the effort required to do it.

So, if you're losing (or have lost) a whole bunch of weight and you're anxious about it creeping back on...

...you know what to do.

Jump on the scales first thing in the morning, and record the number you see.

Then rinse and repeat.

Keeping weight off really can be that simple.

– Tim

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