I know this might sound a bit weird but I get even more excited about my clients’ results than I do my own…

Ultimately, nothing beats the feeling you get from making consistent, measurable progress.

And I love being able to share that with others.

Whether we’re talking weight loss, strength gain or anything else.

• The guy that hasn’t seen his abs in decades gets into the best shape of his life in his mid-40s

• The guy that hasn’t been able to do a chin-up in over 30 years becomes able to do five in a row

• The former skinny-fat weakling (yep, that’s me!) builds up to a 445-lb deadlift with single-digit bodyfat

And while those may sound impressive, the reality is that awesome progress is completely natural if:

1. You have an effective strategy that you can stick to, and

2. You follow through consistently

Now, you might be wondering “OK, that sounds great for other people, but can it really work for me?”

After all, you’ve probably experienced a whole bunch of setbacks or disappointments in the past.

Life getting in the way, a lack of time, a lack of motivation, or 101 other things.

Well, I know exactly how you feel.


Because I felt the same way for longer than I want to remember.

No time, new babies, mediocre genetics, crazy working hours, cursed with stubborn “love handles” no matter how hard I dieted – the list goes on.

Until I found the right coach and mentor for getting stronger and in shape, and my progress just skyrocketed.

(Yep, here’s an open secret – even coaches need a coach!)

After all, the most valuable resource we have is our time and a good coach can help you achieve in a few weeks or months what would otherwise take years, decades or not happen at all.

That’s the true value of coaching.

Now, at this point convention says that we should offer three coaching plans, called something like “Gold”, “Platinum” and “Diamond”.

Then list the features and benefits of each one, along with the price and a “Buy Now!” button.

Well, forget convention.

Listen, the reality is those plans exist for one reason – the convenience of the coach!

But this is about YOU.

You are an individual, and you don’t want to be shoehorned into someone else’s plan.

After all, you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing somebody else’s pants or shoes, so why follow a generic, cookie-cutter “you’ll get a weekly email from me” coaching system?

My clients are individuals with specific and unique requirements.

Some like to be in contact everyday via e-mail or SMS, others prefer to share their data in a web-based app, others a weekly chat on Skype.

And all can work like gangbusters because there is no single best way!

Obviously, the fact that there isn’t a fixed system means that there isn’t a fixed fee.

After all, why should a person who prefers a weekly email be paying the same as someone that has a daily Skype call?

That’s not how we roll.

Instead, we work together to come up with a plan that works from all sides, and we agree the fee in advance before we even get started.

Sound good?

Then fill in the form below and we’ll take it from there :)






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