Category: Fat Loss

Where Does the Fat Go?

Things are going great now that you're dropping a few pounds. Your pants feel looser around the waist, you feel better than you have in years, and people are starting to compliment how good you look. Of course, that isn't why you're doing it, but it's a nice little bonus. You've got this weight loss [...]

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Need to Lose Weight Fast? Try This

At Super Fit Dads we prefer long-term solutions to quick fixes. We love it when small increments of progress stack up to give awesome results. But sometimes a quick fix may be necessary - say, you want to lose a serious amount of body fat fast. Like, right now. Perhaps there's an upcoming high-school reunion [...]

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How to Turbocharge Fat Loss

Now you've read The One Way to Lose Bodyfat, you know why counting calories is such a powerful tool for fat loss. Haven't read it yet? Then take a couple of minutes to check it out - don't worry, I'll wait. Now counting calories isn't 100 % perfect, but it’s incredibly valuable nonetheless. Anyone that has done [...]

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The One Way to Lose Body Fat

OK, I know what you’re thinking - “One way to lose body fat, are you crazy?” After all, just search for “diet books” and you’ll get over 114,000 results. That’s four times the number of results you get searching for “quantum physics”. Which makes fat loss seem like one hell of a mysterious and [...]

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