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Running My First Half Marathon At 45 – Am I Crazy?

October 11th, 10 a.m. and I'm on the start line with over 700 Japanese folks and one other foreigner. (Steve, it was great to meet you - good luck running a charity half marathon every week for two months!) Thunder and lightning filled the sky overhead. Thirteen miles (21 kilometers) of wet asphalt to the finish line. My [...]

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The Long Breath Diet

If you want to know how to stoke your metabolic furnace, Long Breath diet creator Ryosuke Miki is the man. He’s a sensation here in Japan. Now legend has it that Ryosuke had his epiphany while out walking one day. Fast forward less than two months, and his waist size was down a whole four [...]

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Why Aren’t Japanese People Fat?

Spend six months in Japan and then jump on a plane. Head for London, LA, Sydney. Wherever. Disembark, take a look around and try to keep your jaw from hitting the floor. A single word rises unbidden from your subconscious. Fat. And it's everywhere. From the guy at immigration who looks like he was poured [...]

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