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2 Minutes to Awesomeness

Yep, you read that right, 2 minutes to awesomeness - not 20 minutes, not 2 hours.

Two minutes.

Now this isn't one of those fat-blast workouts where you take yourself to the edge of sanity and collapse on the ground in a sweaty mess.

Unfortunately, things like that seldom deliver measurable results out in the real world.

No, what we're talking about is building unstoppable momentum, fast.

Now, the reality is we all tend to get put off by big tasks like:

• Losing 61 lbs of body fat

• Running your first half marathon

• Building up to a 2½ x bodyweight deadlift

Why? Because we focus on the gap between where we are now and where we want to be.

Then our minds start playing tricks on us and we end up both overestimating the size of the task ahead and underestimating our ability to tackle it.

Now, even that isn't enough to stop you if:

1. You're passionate and committed enough to get the result, or

2. Failure simply isn't an option 

Either of those will give us the drive we need to take action and see it through.

And do you know where the worst place in the world is?

That's the middle ground where we'd kind of like the result but not quite enough to do what's necessary to achieve it.

That's where procrastination and mañana live, and where dreams go to die.

But it doesn't have to be that way because we can all turn things around in only 2 minutes.

Yep, just 120 seconds!

Become Awesome in 120 Seconds

Now, we've all got good intentions but here's what happens for most of us:

– We wake up, see it's raining, and forget about jogging around the block

– We've got a blocked nose/sore knee/headache, so we take a pass on today's class or gym session

– There's been a blizzard overnight, so we don't bother going for a walk

What else can we do - it's out of our hands, right?


Because that's when our 2 minutes to awesomeness kicks in.

What do you do? You go anyway (jog, hit the gym, take a walk) but the deal is you only have to do it for just 2 minutes.

One hundred and twenty measly seconds.

Then what? Well, after two minutes of your class, workout or activity, if you decide that it's not happening today you can bug out with your self-esteem intact and your head held high.

But my guess is that by then you won't want to!

Take it from me, stuff like this happens all the time:

You're not firing on all cylinders but you drag yourself to the gym and you end up having one of the best workouts ever

You feel like you're coming down with a cold but you show up to your kung-fu class and, before you know it, you forget about the cold and start feeling better

And guess what? The 2 minutes to awesomeness works for your kids, too.

Maybe they're watching TV or playing a computer game and don't want to go to soccer practice or whatever.

So you tell them they only have to go for 2 minutes.

Once they get there, see their friends and start moving, they won't want to stop!

And if we commit to those 2 minutes regularly (whether that's strength training twice per week or walking every morning) we can start building a new body and a new life for almost zero perceived effort.

All because we stop seeing stuff as big and intimidating, and focus on showing up for just 2 minutes instead.

Sure, that shift in mindset may sound almost too simple but it's a real game changer.

The Power of Momentum

As we know, getting started and building momentum is always the hardest part.

Remember how it takes 1,200 horsepower for the Henessey Venom GT to get from 0-100mph in just 5.6 seconds, yet maintaining a steady 100mph takes only around 60 horsepower - that's less than 5% of its maximum.

Well, it works the same for you and me.

So don't think too far ahead - just show up, get started and build momentum.

Now, back in 1997 I did a four-month round-the-world trip covering over 30,000 miles on three continents.

I clearly remember how it felt to close the front door and walk to the car that would take me to the airport.

It was daunting - the whole trip seemed so huge that I felt a sudden urge to stay at home where everything was comfortable and familiar.

But I just focused on walking to the car - after all, we're only talking a few steps, right?

Ultimately, without those first few steps I wouldn't have seen Oahu's North Shore, the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock or Mount Everest.

I wouldn't have played cards with a bunch of Sherpas in a tea house in Namche Bazaar, Nepal.

And I wouldn't have trekked across bridges that looked like something from an Indiana Jones movie.

All from taking those first small steps, and then taking a few more steps in the right direction each day.

The bottom line is we all have the resources within ourselves to get pretty much any result we want, anytime we want.

So, forget about the size of the task and forget about making things perfect.

First off, simply get yourself to show up by committing to just 2 minutes.

Then keep showing up consistently, building momentum and stacking those small successes.

Awesomeness is guaranteed.

- Tim

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White Henessey Venom GT By Axion23 [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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